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The Importance of Precise Eyebrow Mapping: Techniques and Insights from Simonne-Louise Astley

Eyebrow mapping is the foundation of any successful Microblading procedure. It is the meticulous process of measuring and marking the eyebrows to determine the ideal shape, size, and symmetry that complements the client's unique facial features.


Welcome to the world of eyebrow artistry! As a Microblading Artist in Warwickshire, my expertise lies in providing high-quality semi-permanent makeup services. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I employ advanced techniques to create the perfect brow design that aligns with your facial proportions. Precise mapping ensures that the final results are harmonious, enhancing the natural beauty of each individual.

Microblading Eyebrow Mapping
Microblading Eyebrow Mapping

The Golden Ratio Technique:

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical concept that has been applied to art and architecture for centuries. In eyebrow mapping, this technique involves dividing the face into sections to identify the ideal proportions for the brows. By adhering to this age-old principle, I can create brows that are perfectly balanced and harmonise with your unique facial structure.

Facial Symmetry and Proportion:

Symmetry is crucial in achieving a pleasing aesthetic, and eyebrow mapping plays a pivotal role in ensuring facial balance. Through precise measurements and careful analysis, I can correct any imbalances and asymmetries, resulting in brows that frame your eyes flawlessly.

Tailored to Your Preferences:

While precise eyebrow mapping relies on mathematical precision, I also take your personal preferences into account. During our consultation, I actively listen to your desires and discuss the brow shape and thickness that best align with your style and preferences.

Natural-looking Brows:

The goal of Microblading is to create natural-looking brows that appear as if they were always there. Precise eyebrow mapping is the key to achieving this illusion, as it enables me to design custom strokes that mimic the appearance of real eyebrow hairs.

The Art of Customisation:

Each client is unique, and that's why the art of customisation is crucial in the Microblading process. I adapt my approach to match your hair colour, skin tone, and facial features, ensuring the final results look seamless and incredibly natural.


In the realm of semi-permanent makeup and Microblading, the importance of precise eyebrow mapping cannot be overstated. As an experienced Microblading Artist at Simply Brows in Warwick, I take great pride in employing various techniques to achieve stunning, natural-looking brows for my clients. By understanding the golden ratio, focusing on facial symmetry, and customising each design, I ensure that the results not only exceed your expectations but also leave you feeling confident and beautiful. So, if you're looking to enhance your brows with precision and expertise, Simply Brows is your destination for unrivaled eyebrow artistry.

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